Garden DayZe

our story...

Garden DayZe is a short film that explores the "daddy issues" that manifest between the daughter of a gay man and his young lover in the face of unexpected tragedy.

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the daughter returns...

Having received a call that her father has been in an accident, Esme returns home to not only find changes to the house where she grew up, and where her other father passed away, but Jack - a new, young love in it.

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the lover waits...

Set in one location, we follow Esme and Jack, thrown together, navigating their exhaustion between long hospital days, waiting for calls from doctors, struggling to understand their place and significance in the home and life of the man they both love and are terrified of losing.

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As the daughter of a gay man, writer and director Evie Hammer was curious about examining the rather universal experience of longing for approval - wanting to be the “apple” of a parent’s eye - in a unique landscape, and under the stress of trauma that can reduce even the best of us to our most childlike and arrested selves.

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